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Marta Lucchi, text and Margherita Allegri, illustrations

LIKE KNOTS ON A ROPE – A book to keep us tied to our humanity in the times of Coronavirus

2020, Associazione Argilla

Is it possible that something good can come up out of an uncomfortable condition such as forced isolation? Sometimes it is, and our book aims to prove this.

The idea came to us on a day of domestic imprisonment due to the Coronavirus emergency in Italy.

A family gathers again and thinks “…and now, what shall we come up with?”.

In Cremona, a city that (along with other others in Lombardy and China) has become a symbol of the Coronavirus pandemic, a mother struggles creatively with the difficult situation of quarantine, with her children’s lively collaboration.

They’ve created a story together, hoping that families in many countries around the world, can find support and cure in reading it.

The book, a project entirely produced in Cremona, aims to be a delicate tool to rediscover the precious bond that connects us in this dramatic historical moment.

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